Friday, March 14, 2008

Mobility and Stretching

Types of Stretching:

Dynamic Stretching:
  • best type of stretching to do before practice, games, and lifting and running sessions.
  • Warms the internal core temperature of the body.
  • Involves movement.
  • Stimulates the Central Nervous System, the key system for competitive bouts of activity.
  • Decreases chance of injury.
  • Designed to increase joint readiness, by helping to lubricate joints with synovial fluid.

Static Stretching:

  • Goal of this stretching is designed to relax and lengthen muscle.
  • Helps blood deliver nutrients to the muscles worked.
  • Helps calm the central Nervous System.
  • Best used after games, practices or lifting sessions.
  • Held and slightly increased over the course of the stretch.

I want you all to read and implement the information you will see in the following articles:

Flexibility and Mobility by Mike Robertson
Recovery by Mike Robertson

In my opinion, these are the best articles on these two areas. I have used these methods in my own training and as a result, I have put on close to 50 lbs on my bench, 65 on my squat, and 55 on my deadlift over the course of four months and have remained injury free.

Anyway check for a few more posts and make sure to check the site frequently, as I will begin to post our In-Season Program.

Coach H

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