Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Methods of Cougar Strength

The foundation of Cougar Strength is based on the concept of Conjugated Periodization. Simply put, Conjugated Periodization involves training several different qualities concurrently rather than segregating them during the training cycle. Conjugated Periodization is based around four different methods:

Maximal Effort method (ME): Lifting a maximal weight (85% + of your 1 Rep max).
Dynamic Effort method (DE): Lifting a sub-maximal weight as fast as possible.
Repeated Effort method (RE): Lifting a sub-maximal weight to failure or near failure.
Restoration Effort Method (RSE): Any means in which physiological recovery is facilitated.

The ME, DE, and RE methods are the best way to increase muscle tension, which will help to achieve strength, speed, and size. Unlike most training programs, Conjugated Periodization allows you to incorporate all of these training methods into one training week. Most programs will use one or more of the above methods but only for brief periods of time. This is disadvantageous because when you move on to the next phase of the program, all that you have gained during the previous cycle will be lost.

With Conjugated Periodization, you will maximize your speed, strength, and size throughout the training cycle.

The Restoration Method is based around the concept of “prehabilitation”. Unlike rehabilitation, prehabilitation requires that you strengthen areas that are prone to injuries (wrist, elbow, shoulder etc.) before an injury occurs. By doing this, you will put yourself in a position to remain healthy and strong as the season progresses.

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